7 Reasons Why You Should Watch House of Cards

Hey everyone!
This is my second blog post and this time, it’s about one of my favourite TV Shows at the moment — House of Cards.

Now, pardon me because I really prefer the format where-in I provide the reasons and emphasize them with .gifs 🙂 Soon, after I get the hang of this, I’ll eventually vary my styles.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.
I actually just finished Season 2 and is almost half-way through Season 3.
And here are 7 reasons why you should watch it as well — if you still haven’t.

Again, same warning: [SOME SPOILER ALERT!!!]

1. Unpredictability

Nobody wants to watch a TV Series wherein you can say, “I knew it!” or “I absolutely saw that coming!”

I never thought they’d kill off a character just like that early into Season 2.
Yes, I know it’s familiar. You might even tell me, “GoT kills off characters every time! What’s so different about this?!”

Well, GoT kills off characters too much that you’re actually looking forward on who would die next. This one’s different I tell you. 🙂


2. A Sense of Realism

Now, I’m no expert in American Politics or politics in general although I do have quite some knowledge of the inner workings of the government as well. This TV series perfectly captures it! You’d actually wonder, is this really happening in our governments today?


3. It’s Binge Watch-able.

Since it’s a Netflix original series, it’s a binge watch-able one. They release the episodes one season at a time. No more waiting for weeks just to know what the ending would be like.


4. The Actors and Actresses are fantastic!

I honestly didn’t know Kevin Spacey much until I watched his performances as Frank Underwood. I am also not too familiar with Robin Wright until she played Claire Underwood. Corey Stoll also delivered a fantastic performance and maybe that’s why Marvel chose him as their Yellowjacket on the upcoming
Ant-Man movie. Kate Mara was especially amazing as Zoe Barnes as well. The line-up for this show is really amazing! Kudos to you guystumblr_n6jq2kA32W1tbh291o1_400

5. Breaking the Fourth Wall

I have watched several TV Shows in my life as well and as far as I remember (or at least those I was able to watch), no show has broken the Fourth Wall so much, barring Deadpool, of course. One other show is Modern Family but not as much as House of Cards did.


6. Relatable Characters

The characters are relatable. Nothing bordering on super-powers or super-abilities. Some TV Shows like Suits’ Mike has Eidetic Memory or House’s Doctor House that can almost heal anybody. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love Suits and House. But really, we can’t just relate to completely since they have abilities most of us don’t have. That’s what makes House of Cards different. You can relate to them. Their struggles, their humanity.


7. The Quotable Quotes

Who watches an entire Season of a particular TV Show and have not posted anything on Social Media about one-liners or quotable quotes from that TV Show? Well, House of Cards has no shortage of those lines. Mostly, thanks to the fact that Frank Underwood can break the Fourth Wall. 🙂


Now, are you  finally convinced that you should watch House of Cards?
Credits to houseofcardsquotes.tumblr.com for the last image. You can check it for more
one-liner and quotes as well.

Tell me what you think. Share your comments below. 🙂


4 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why You Should Watch House of Cards

  1. Will you hate me if I told you I didn’t read all of it? Mild or not, I tend to skip when you say ‘Spoiler’ 😀 ANYWAY, I’m currently watching HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER (Ha! Just sharing) I’ve been hearing about this series all over my Twitter feed and thought of giving it a try. I’m hoping to get a copy from a certain someone. Thanks for the nudge!


    1. I won’t hate you for that. Haha. That’s the reason the alert was there in the first place.
      Oh, and that’s one great show as well! I loved How to Get Away With Murder! 🙂 I have to find time to write about that next time. I can give you a copy of House of Cards next time. 🙂


  2. So much for your small spoiler alert. Ahaha…I’ve been meaning to do this (blogging about TV series and movies) regularly but I’m unable to watch on a regular basis. Anyway, a bit short but the pictures are a nice touch. Breaking the fourth wall is definitely my favorite part of House of Cards. The first time Frank talks to you before he mercy-kills the dog got me hooked right away. Also, you forgot to mention that this series doesn’t rely on flashbacks. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey @ejdelosreyes, thanks for the comment! Yeah. I know it’s a bit short. I’ll work hard in improving the qualities of my blogs as well.

      Oh! And that’s one point I didn’t put in as well. Haha. Thanks! 🙂


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